AMSWeb Tally HMI

AMSWeb Tally

The AMSWeb Tally is an easy-to-use, full-featured lumber sorter management system that combines the respective strengths of the ControlLogix PLC and a Windows computer. The PLC stores the current run-time parameters and performs critical functions while long-term data storage and data-serving functions are performed by the AMSWeb Tally computer.

Using the familiar webpage format, the AMSWeb Tally provides users with local and remote access to the reporting system. Because a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer is used to access the system, additional clients can be located in the sorter/stacker area, remotely in a supervisor's office, or in a corporate head office; all without expensive software costs.


  • ControlLogix PLC sort logic
  • Windows-based production data management


  • Proven reliability of PLC system ensures minimum down-time
  • All critical sorting logic and data is in the PLC
  • Easy to use FactoryTalk View interfaces
  • Reports can be printed to local or remote printers
  • Reports are exportable to formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF
  • Product run changes are easily managed
  • Sorter data & reporting can be easily accessed, even remotely
  • An unlimited number of additional web client interfaces can be added, requiring no extra software or licenses


  • Production
  • Non-Production (slash, reject, etc.)
  • Package list for a shift / run
  • Detailed board list for packages
  • Trim loss
  • Production distribution by grade, length, thickness, width, etc.
  • Machine utilization
  • Sort error diagnostics

Quality Engineering

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