Hydraulic Pressroll Control

With this unique hydraulic system, the controller for the pressroll adjusts force and position simultaneously. The result is that the pressroll can continue to hold much closer to the trail end of the piece, and won't drop into the gap between pieces.

Unlike a traditional system, this controller can also dynamically adjust the force. When the piece is uneven, the pressrolls can follow the contours without exerting undue force on it.

Mechanical Superiority

  • Provides dynamic pressure control based on cant size
  • Extends chain bed life due to reduced pressure
  • Minimizes energy consumption by reducing cylinder motion
  • Reduces mechanical wear of pressroll components

Ultimate Timing Control

  • Provides ultra precise timing
  • Prepositions with minimal clearance
  • Lowers within inches of lead end
  • Maximizes contact time by controlling trail end "roll-off"
  • Minimizes risk of "shooting" pieces

Plan Your Design

We believe in engineering your solution, not winging it. Using Solidworks 3D modelling and other advanced design analysis, AMS ensures your motion system will perform from the start. AMS has supplied systems ranging from simple single axis setworks to fifty axes of fully-synchronized motion utilizing products from leading suppliers such as Rockwell Automation, Bosch, Exlar, Parker, and Delta. If your system requires basic VFD control, AMS can put that together as well.

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