Planer Tensioning System

Using the unique simultaneous force & position control feature of the Bosch IAC valve, the planer rolls are prepositioned to the appropriate height & provide minimal resistance to the impact of off-size boards. Pressure & position monitoring is provided by pressure transducers & a linear transducer wired directly to the IAC valve. This delivers unrivaled response for force variation required by each individual board.

The above described piece-to-piece force control, in combination with the prepositioned roll height setting, eliminates the need for critical timing in the controller. The rolls do not drop into gaps between boards & then get violently impacted by the next board. This results in reduced wear on bearings & cylinder mounts, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Planer Tensioning Brochure

Diminish Downtime, Cut Maintenance Costs

  • Up to 40% less downtime caused by jam-ups
  • Reduced board impact on rolls
  • Maintenance costs lowered drastically

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