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From Design to PLC Programming

We can do more than program your PLC. We can design and integrate the entire control system for you. We want to understand how your machine works, and from there we can develop the best system to control it. From instrumentation to networking, I/O, and operator controls, we can create and implement the finest possible solution for your application.

VFD's and Servo Drives

When it comes to motion control, AMS is the leader in applications using hydraulic, electric rotary, and electric linear motion axes, both in small singular stand-alone applications and in large integrated & synchronized applications involving dozens of axes. Read More

We have a wide range of experience with VFD's from manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Control Techniques, Toshiba, Magnetek, Safetronics, and Yaskawa. From simple hardwired control to fully networked automation using Ethernet, ControlNet, and DeviceNet, AMS has the experience to deliver VFD solutions for any application.

Latest Systems to Legacy

We have expertise with a wide range of products from Rockwell Automation. From older products such as PLC-2 and PLC-5 using Data Highway Plus and DeviceNet to Rockwell's current offerings of MicroLogix, CompactLogix and ControlLogix using Ethernet/IP and Control Net, AMS can build a solution that fits your needs.

Our team also has extensive experience with legacy Texas Instruments (TI) PLC systems. If a TI controller is currently an integral part of your plant, we can develop a solution that modernizes your control system while retaining your TI controller system to whatever degree needed.

Plan Your Design

We believe in engineering your solution, not winging it. Using SolidWorks 3D modelling and other advanced design techniques, we ensure that your motion system will perform from the start. Contact us today to start planning your design.

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