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The AMS team is excited to pursue new and existing automation endeavours anywhere in North America. Our adaptability, customer appreciation, and extensive electrical and automation expertise make for the ideal combination when on-site. Our engineers are equipped with the latest software, hardware and tools to ensure installations, updates, or repairs are provided with utmost safety and security. We realize how important production and costs are to you and therefore try to minimize or eliminate down-time whenever possible. We also make it a priority to provide services that meet industrial and safety codes or bylaws.

Off Site Support

Using the latest advances in technology, we are able to provide a service as innovative and efficient as any. Using Virtual-Private-Networks (VPN) and remote access software, we can offer our services without physically being at your business location. This has proved to be very cost and time efficient for customers with the advantage of AMS being able to monitor, reconfigure, and optimize operations from any location. We guarantee secure networks which allow us to analyze data, diagnose control issues, and even monitor mechanical operations through high definition cameras.

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