The Revolutionary Edger

AMS Solutions is pleased to have contributed to the success of the WaneShear Edger for Scotch Gulf Lumber in Jackson, Alabama and for Sierra Pacific Industries in Lincoln, California.

The engineering team at AMS was responsible for providing the control systems, electrical component installation, wiring, HMI user-interfaces and start-up for the WaneShear Edger for Scotch Gulf Lumber. This edger processes lumber independent of length at rates of up to 60 pieces per minute.

For the WaneShear Edger at Sierra Pacific, AMS Solutions provided the control programs, HMI user-interfaces, and system commissioning.

The machine is fully electric and uses regenerating common bus technology to power the drives. The control is highly distributed with all drives and motor starters on Ethernet. A vision system monitors the edger infeed and backlog. The HMI's, PLC's, drives, optimizer, and scan heads are all integrated into a common network allowing a single point of access for local and remote support for the entire system.

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